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Recovering the Hero's Sword
Recovering the Hero's Sword
Quest Giver Great Deku Tree
Location [[Korok Forest|Korok Forest]]
Reward Master Sword
Previous Quest
"[[Trial of the Master Sword|Trial of the Master Sword]]"

"Recovering the Hero's Sword" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Consulted with the Great Deku Tree, he sensed the Master Sword in the sky, but noticed that it is 'moving.'[1] Even he does not understood it, but suggested to Link to find a creative way to reach the 'moving' sword.[2]

Taking a closer look of the 'moving' sword, Link found the cause of the moving sword: A white dragon of light in the sky, the Light Dragon. Having found a way to reach the Light Dragon, Link landed and found the Master Sword planted on the dragon's head. But as soon as he tried to pull it, the dragon started to thrash about and caused Link to continuously lose his balance. But with vigor, Link managed to held on to the dragon.

Link then found himself in a sky blanketed by gold. The Master Sword before him was released by the White Dragon. The legendary sword, thought to be destroyed, returned fully healed and back into Link's hand. He then received a message from Princess Zelda, who was responsible for healing the Master Sword. She infused the sword with her Light energy to heal the sword in a long and distant past, hoped that it will reach to him, fully healed, and into the now future-present. Zelda pleaded to him to use the now-healed Master Sword to defeat the Demon King—as it is only hope to end his reign once and for all.

Having now taken back the Master Sword, Link was dropped off at the Great Sky Island and watched the Light Dragon flew off in the distance.


Stage Description
1 The darkness-sealing sword, the Master Sword, vanished in the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island.

The Deku Tree can feel the sword's presence and says that the Master Sword is moving
. What could that mean...
Complete You found the Master Sword with the white dragon soaring in the skies. The legendary sword that seals the darkness has returned to your hand, along with Zelda's wish.


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  1. "In the sky... I feel the Master Sword's presence strongly in this area. But...what could this mean? The Master Sword seems to be moving." — Great Deku Tree (Tears of the Kingdom)
  2. "You may need to be resourceful to reach the sword, but you must find a way." — Great Deku Tree (Tears of the Kingdom)