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Recital at Warbler's Nest is a Shrine quest from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The quest is obtained from a young Rito girl named Kheel at Warbler's Nest, just west of Rito Village. Kheel is upset that none of her sisters showed up for singing practice and asks Link to return to the village and tell them to join her. One of the sisters is in the kitchen and refuses to practice until she has eaten some Salmon Meunière. The other three sisters are out getting the ingredients; one is in the Slippery Falcon general store getting Goat Butter, one is singing on a ridge directly above the sisters' home (visible from Akh Va'quot Shrine) with Tabantha Wheat, and one is on the small island just east of town catching Hearty Salmon. After collecting their ingredients, they can be combined in the kitchen's cooking pot to create the Salmon Meunière. After eating it, the final sister agrees to attend singing practice.

When Link returns to Warbler's Nest, the sisters are already practicing a song which proves to be a hint for revealing a hidden shrine. Using a Korok Leaf, Link must stand on the nearby pedestal and send bursts of wind through the five melodic statues surrounding it. Each statue has a number of stalagmites on top of it, indicating which tone that statue is correlated to (one being lowest, five being highest). Once Link is able to mimic the sisters' song using these statues, Voo Lota Shrine will emerge from the ground nearby.

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