Unofficial Name

"Welcome. Do you have some business?"
— Receptionist

The Receptionist is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. As her title implies, she is the receptionist working at the Mayor's Residence in Clock Town. A young woman with green hair, the Receptionist stands behind a desk in the lobby of the residence, controlling who goes into Mayor Dotour's office and Madame Aroma's drawing room. Besides explaining to Link about the two rooms, she plays a very minor role in the overall story arc of the game. She does, however, remark on Kafei's disappearance, saying that she believes he should break off his engagement to Anju if that is what he wants.

She has the same animations as the Mini-game Operator at the Treasure Chest Shop. She is the only character in Clock Town to immediately flee on the Third Day while other characters do not disappear until at least nighttime.

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