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Recall is an ability in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location and Uses[]

Recall is obtained in the main room of the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island, from an ethereal manifestation of Princess Zelda.

Using Recall allows Link to reverse an object’s movement, for a wide variety of potential uses. Fallen boulders can be sent skyward and ridden to reach sky islands or get altitude for gliding, thrown weapons or lost items and contraptions can be recovered, enemy projectiles can be sent back where they came from, or large spinning mechanisms can be ridden, among other uses.

Unlike the other abilities, time freezes when Link prepares to use Recall, allowing the player to carefully select which object they would like to use the ability on. Any object's predicted trajectory is shown as a transparent yellow line when it is highlighted. The range of Recall is also near-infinite, much greater than that of other abilities.

Zelda herself used the ability twice while in the past. The first time while foiling an attempted attack on Queen Sonia by a doppelganger created by Ganondorf, and the next time on Ganondorf himself (by that point the Demon King) as part of a distraction with the other Sages to allow King Rauru to move in close to the Demon King and seal him at the cost of his own life. Ganondorf recognized the usage of this ability before.