Rebonack (レボナック Rebonakku?, Rebo Knuckle) is a boss from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. It is a blue Iron Knuckle mounted on a mechanical horse. It is first encountered as the boss of the Island Palace, later encountered twice as a mini-boss in the Hidden Palace, in which it guards the Cross. Like the Old Man and several other characters in the original The Legend of Zelda, it is unknown whether the all encounters with Rebonack are with the same one or different beings.


Rebonack as he appears in-game

While mounted on its horse, Rebonack retreats off screen, then charges at Link. Link must jump the charge and hit Rebonack with a Downthrust. After taking sufficient damage, its horse will run away and Rebonack will fight Link as a standard Blue Iron Knuckle.

Rebonack can be difficult to fight due to its attack pattern. Blue Iron Knuckles back away from Link as he attacks, and can be pinned against a wall or backed into a pit. Rebonack, however, can back off the screen where Link cannot follow it, and can even keep shooting its sword at Link while doing so. This requires Link to bait it to the middle of the room repeatedly.



Non-canonical appearances

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Valiant Comics

Rebonack guards the Flute in the legendary 5th Palace of Hyrule. After Link defeats him, he knocks off his helmet by accident. The unmasked Rebonack is not a monster, but actually a handsome knight. He reveals to Zelda and Link that he is not actually evil, but instead was instructed by the preceding King of Hyrule to guard the Flute. Since Link bested him in combat, Rebonack says that he has passed the test given from the Royal Family of Hyrule to determine worthiness, and allows Link access to the Flute.

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