Reaplings are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. These ghost-like, scythe-wielding creatures are found aboard the Ghost Ship. The attack pattern of Reaplings is very similar to that of Phantoms, seeing as how they patrol along set routes indefinitely; however, Reaplings do not make Link return to the start of the floor with one strike from their scythe; but they do cause two Hearts' worth of damage, which is twice as much as a Phantom causes. They also have the ability to see and move through walls.

If a Cubus Sister accompanying Link throughout the Ghost Ship begins to scream, a Reapling will travel to the origin of the sound. Like Phantoms, Reaplings can be stunned with arrows or Oshus's Sword infused with Leaf, the Spirit of Power, only if Link has collected ten Power Gems, and cannot detect Link if he is situated within a Safe Zone. The Reaplings cannot be defeated.

In the manga

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The Reaplings are mentioned in passing by one of the Cubus Sisters, who reveals that they used to be Linebeck's crewmates who were killed by her.

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