"These creatures attack spontaneously and attempt to steal Rupees. The ones that carry bombs around are apparently known as Bombchus."

Real Bombchu are recurring enemies in the Legend of Zelda series. They are volatile creatures, resembling large rats. They frequently use some sort of explosive to harm Link.


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Real Bombchu appear in the eastern part of Termina Field, in Snowhead Temple, in Great Bay Temple, on the Road to Ikana, and in Stone Tower Temple. They use their explosive tails to harm others and simultaneously destroy themselves. The special type of bomb known as Bombchu were likely inspired by the appearance and attack pattern of Real Bombchu. Real Bombchu can run across water and climb along walls and ceilings.

Real Bombchu cannot be defeated with the sword without Link suffering damage from their self-destruction in turn. However, they can be destroyed from a distance with projectiles, such as arrows, or by defending against them with a shield, which will flip them over, causing them to explode. Shooting one with the Hookshot is a bad idea, as the Hookshot will bring the Bombchu straight to Link, where it will explode in his face. Another strategy is to avoid Real Bombchu until the explosives on its tail detonate. Running them over with Epona will also kill them without having to use ammunition or lose health.

Tatl's Note

Tatl Artwork It runs at you with its pack of explosives, so protect yourself or else!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Real Bombchus (simply called Bombchus as there are no artificial Bombchus in the game) are nearly identical in appearance to regular Rats, but they attack Link by picking up Bomb Flowers and throwing them at him. Typically, they attack in groups, surging out of their rat-holes, each grabbing one bomb, and throwing them at Link before retreating back to the holes to prepare for a fresh assault. They are invulnerable whilst hiding in these holes. They can only be distinguished from normal Rats by the red patterning on their faces, and their penchant for grabbing bombs. Since Real Bombchus hold bombs, they are immune to explosions. Link can throw bait in front of the holes to talk to the Bombchus. When defeated, Real Bombchus can drop bombs or rarely, a Red Rupee.

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