"This meat is tougher and chewier than a standard Steak. Tastes better cooked."
— In-game description

Raw Bird Drumsticks are items from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are curative item that restore Link's health by refilling one Heart Container. Link can obtain by hunting certain common birds such as ducks, herons, crows, wood pigeons, or seagulls and can cook with them. A Raw Bird Drumstick also spawns on one of the tables in the Dining Hall of Hyrule Castle.


Drumsticks can be used as ingredients in any meat dish, such as Meat Stew, and is the required meat for poultry dishes such as Poultry Curry. To make the prime and gourmet versions of such dishes, Raw Bird Thigh and Raw Whole Bird are used respectively. Drumsticks can be cooked by themselves to produce a Meat Skewer, filling two heart containers when eaten. Roasting drumsticks either on a fire or in a high-temperature environment such as Goron City produces Roasted Bird Drumsticks providing one and a half hearts. Freezing them produces Frozen Bird Drumsticks, restoring one heart container when eaten as well as a level 1 heat resistance buff for 1:00.


Raw drumsticks are dropped from the following animals:

Like most animals, birds flee when Link runs towards them or if an arrow lands near them. Therefore the easiest way to kill them is to sneak close and use a bow to minimize the risk of the birds fleeing. Killing birds with either an ice or fire arrow cause frozen and roasted drumsticks to drop respectively. Though the efficiency this method of producing frozen and roasted variants is high, it is potentially offset by the high value of the special arrows used. Shock Arrow are useful for killing groups of Ducks or Herons in or near water. Link can consume "Sneaky" food dishes or Sneaky Elixirs or wear certain Armor to increase his stealth to make it harder for birds to detect him.

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