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Ravio's Shop is a location in A Link Between Worlds.

Features and Overview

Ravio's Shop is located inside Link's House in Hyrule. Ravio begins renting items after Link returns the Smooth Gem to Oren.[1] The first item Ravio gives to Link is the Rented Bow,[2] which is free of charge.[3] After Link rescues Osfala from the Thieves' Hideout, he hands Link the Sand Rod, but explains that it is not his, as he rented it from Ravio. When the hero returns from the Chamber of the Sages, Sheerow swoops in and takes the Rod from him. If Link returns to Ravio's Shop, Ravio will tell him that one of his other customers has finally returned the Sand Rod and that it is now available.[4]

The rental period for Ravio's items is indefinite;[5] however, if Link dies while carrying rented items, Sheerow will retrieve them, meaning that Link must rent them once again.[6] After Link obtains the three Pendants of Virtue, Ravio begins to sell the items in his shop in addition to renting them.[7] Buying items is more expensive, but they are not taken away should Link die. After Link purchases all of Ravio's items, Ravio celebrates and thanks him for finding him so many Rupees before permanently shutting down his shop and retiring.[8]

Ravio occasionally offers discounts on item rentals, roughly reducing the cost to half.[9] When Link first purchases an item, Ravio will give him a one-time half-price discount on that item.[10]

Wares and Pricing

Item Description Prices
Rental Purchase
ALBW Rented Bow Icon.png
Rented Bow
Fires an arrow in the direction you're facing! It's perfect for hitting foes from a distance! 10 Rupees
50 Rupees
ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 800 Rupees
ALBW Rented Tornado Rod Icon.png
Rented Tornado Rod
A staff that can lift you up in the air and blow enemies and objects around! ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 50 Rupees ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 800 Rupees
ALBW Rented Hammer Icon.png
Rented Hammer
Smash obstacles and brittle-looking objects with this hammer. ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 50 Rupees ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 800 Rupees
ALBW Rented Bomb Icon.png
Rented Bomb
Boom! You can throw them or place them on the ground. Be careful not to hurt yourself! ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 50 Rupees ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 800 Rupees
ALBW Rented Hookshot Icon.png
Rented Hookshot
Sink the hook into a distant object to go flying toward it. Handy for crossing chasms! ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 50 Rupees ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 800 Rupees
ALBW Rented Boomerang Icon.png
Rented Boomerang
Throw it to stun enemies, snag Rupees, and flick switches. And it comes back, of course! ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 50 Rupees ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 800 Rupees
ALBW Rented Fire Rod Icon.png
Rented Fire Rod
One wave of this fearsome rod unleashes a pillar of flame. Don't get burned by it! ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 100 Rupees ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 1200 Rupees
ALBW Rented Ice Rod Icon.png
Rented Ice Rod
Unleashes an icy blast! Instantly freeze even the toughest of enemies! ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 100 Rupees ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 1200 Rupees
ALBW Rented Sand Rod Icon.png
Rented Sand Rod
Raises a towering pillar of sand with tremendous force. Only effective on sand. ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 50 Rupees ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 800 Rupees


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Canada FrenchCA Boutique de Lavio Lavio's Shop
ERROR: You must enter a country code. Korean 라비오의 가게 (Llabioui Gage) Same as English.
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Tienda de Ravio Ravio's Shop



  1. "Welcome back! I still haven't found anywhere else to stay. So I spruced things up in here. I've made it into a nice little shop for myself. Pretty great, isn't it? So...I take it things didn't go as planned? But the item I lent you came in handy, right? You know...there's actually plenty more where that came from! Ravio is ALL about helping heroes.And the way things are going, I think you're going to need my help. You know what they say--you wash my ears, I'll wash yours? How about you rent me your house...and I'll rent you lots of items? Then it's a deal. I mean, it's not like you ever come here, right? All righty, then." — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)
  2. "You said it was all right to stay here, so I've made myself at--! What happened?! What's that? Saw my signs at the Eastern Palace, did you? I was going to open a store near the palace, but when I saw all the monsters, I hightailed it out of there! Way too many monsters around there for my liking, you get me? But I seem to recall some stone pedestals near my signs. Did you see a symbol on them? Oh, you did? Well, do you remember what the symbol was? [Answer: Bow] That's right! It was [Bow]. Remind you of anything? Like maybe...THIS?" — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)
  3. "Normally I'd charge you a rental fee, but I'll lend it to you for free. This time, anyway. But I'll be taking that back if anything happens to you out there." — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)
  4. "Oh, Mr. Hero! One of my other customers finally returned his rental item. And here it is! The Sand Rod! Wondering what it does? Well, you'd better snatch it up quickly then. Before someone else gets it first!" — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)
  5. "Here's how my shop works. I rent a wide range of items and weapons to you. And the rental period? That's the best part. You keep the rentals for a LONG time. Specifically, until the next time you fall in battle. Which might never happen, right? Sure, you look tough. But if you do fall in battle, my pal Sheerow here will swoop in to collect my property. Right, just like that. Swoop right in. Collect my stuff. While you...er...just lie there. So see anything you want? I've got plenty of gear besides the bow." — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)
  6. "Sorry, buddy. I'll be taking back what's mine now." — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)
  7. "I have some big news for you. You may know me as the rental guy. But now I'm in the sales biz too! Great, right? Starting today, you can buy my items too--and at really good prices! If you act now, your first purchase is HALF-price. Only once per customer though... Just to give you a taste of sweet, deelicious ownership!" — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)
  8. "My deepest thanks for being the best customer ever! At last! I've sold all of my items! Yay for me! Thanks to your efforts, Mr. Hero, I've made a great prof--! I mean, I've made a great FRIEND. And there's just one more thing. I'm closing down my shop! I mean, I sold you everything, so I can finally retire and live the good life! ♪ Whoop whoop boopie wooo! ♪ Whoopie doopie dooooo! Sorry. I just had to get that out of my system. I think I'm going to kick my feet up for a bit while I figure out what I'm going to do next. Anyway, I just gotta bow down to you, Mr. Hero. I can't believe that you found so many Rupees for me! Now, best of luck out there. Me and ol' Sheerow here will keep rooting for you!" — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)
  9. "I have two specials today. I'm renting the [X] and the [Y] at a discount." — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)
  10. "And right now, if you act fast, I'll give you the deal of a lifetime. Half off. Yeah, no foolin'. But just this once!" — Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)