Ravio's Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Set up in Link's own house, here he can rent (and later, purchase) any equipment he needs to progress through dungeons on his journey.


After receiving the Bow from Ravio as a free rental, Link can rent any of the following items with the exception of the Sand Rod, which cannot be rented or purchased until Link has rescued Osfala. After obtaining the Master Sword, Link can purchase any of Ravio's items. The first item Link purchases costs half its normal price. Occasionally, Ravio will give discounts on item rental prices. Every item in the shop except the Boomerang is necessary to at least be rented at some point to complete the game, although the boomerang is helpful and necessary to complete some caves. All rented items have purple bunny ears tied to them, which will be removed once purchased.

Item Rental Price Price
Bombs 80 Rupees 800 Rupees
Boomerang 80 Rupees 800 Rupees
Bow 80 Rupees 800 Rupees
Fire Rod 100 Rupees 1200 Rupees
Hammer 80 Rupees 800 Rupees
Hookshot 80 Rupees 800 Rupees
Ice Rod 100 Rupees 1200 Rupees
Sand Rod 80 Rupees 800 Rupees
Tornado Rod 80 Rupees 800 Rupees

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