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Ravio's Bracelet is an item in A Link Between Worlds.[1]

Location and Uses

ALBW Ravio's Bracelet Inactive Icon.png

Link receives Ravio's Bracelet from Ravio as payment to stay at his house, as he is unable to pay rent at the time.[2] When received, it is in an inactive state, which prevents its usage. While trying to rescue Osfala from the Eastern Palace, Link encounters Yuga as he turns the Sage into a painting.[3] Link engages Yuga in battle and initially seems to defeat him, but Yuga uses his power to turn Link into a Painting on the wall.[4][5] Soon after Yuga departs, the bracelet begins to glow from within the Painting, allowing Link to escape and return to normal. From then on, Link is able to merge into walls at will.[6]

After Yuga is defeated, Princess Hilda uses Ravio's Bracelet to send Link and Princess Zelda back to Hyrule. This utterly exhausts the power of the bracelet, causing it to shatter.


  • Ravio remarks that he would be interested in using the bracelet to "steal Yuga's power."[7] This seems to indicate that Ravio's Bracelet received its power by absorbing Yuga's magic in the Eastern Palace.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ラヴィオの腕輪
French-speaking countries French Bracelet de Lavio Lavio's Bracelet
Federal Republic of Germany German Ravios Armreif


Ravio's Bracelet

Dimension Bracelet

Italian Republic Italian Bracciale di Lavio Lavio's Bracelet
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Brazalete de Ravio Ravio's Bracelet



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