The Rauru Settlement Ruins are a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Great Hyrule Forest region of Hyrule southeast of the Rauru Hillside and southwest of the Military Training Camp. It is located northeast of Helmhead Bridge.

It is the ruins of a settlement that was presumably destroyed either during Great Calamity or Age of Burning Fields.

The treasure hunters Mina and her brother Mils can some times be found here being attacked by Bokoblins. Link can save them to receive random food dishes or Rupees. Link must be careful as a Bottomless Bog appear in the northwest portion of the ruins. Link can also find a broken wagon cart which he can search to find minerals such as Flint or Gemstones such as Amber.


The Rauru Settlement Ruins like the Rauru Hillside is likely a reference to Rauru the Sage of Light from Ocarina of Time. Alternatively it may be a reference or the ruins of an incarnation of the Town of Rauru from Zelda II: The Adventures of Link which fits with the nearby Helmhead Bridge which is implied to be a reference to Helmethead a boss from Zelda II.

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