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Calming Bertie's baby

The Rattle is an Item in Skyward Sword.[1]

Location and Uses

If Link speaks to Bertie in the Skyloft Bazaar, he will tell him to come to his house at night.[2] If Link speaks to him again at night, he tells him that a bird has stolen his baby's Rattle,[3] and wishes that someone would find it.[4]

To retrieve it, Link must Clawshots his way onto the floating islands near the Waterfall Cave until he reaches one with a large pool of Water. From there, he must dive down onto the bird's nest on a small windmill and use the Gust Bellows to uncover the Rattle. Once Link returns the Rattle, Bertie will reward him with five Gratitude Crystals.[5]


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  • It is possible to retrieve the Rattle without the Clawshots. If Link stops Beedle's Airshop close to the Rattle, he can climb up and retrieve it using the Gust Bellows and Hook Beetle. Link must first use the Hook Beetle to collect the Rupees, allowing him to use the Gust Bellows to blow the dust off the Rattle without the Rupees obstructing him. He can then use the Hook Beetle once more to retrieve the exposed Rattle. However, because the Side Quest would not be available at this time, Link cannot hand the Rattle to Bertie until after obtaining the Clawshots.


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