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Rare Chu
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Rare Chus are enemies in Twilight Princess.[1]


Rare Chus are a significantly rare variety that are pearl-colored and sparkle. They appear anywhere where Chus are, but the chances of finding one are slim. The only certain places to find them are underneath a Tree south of the Great Hylian Bridge in Western Hyrule Field, the Cave of Ordeals, inside a small cavern in Death Mountain, and inside three hidden caves accessed via a dig spot: under a Tree at Snowpeak, in the Gerudo Desert, and beneath the barn in Ordon Ranch. Rare Chus are highly valuable as they leave behind Rare Chu Jelly, which has the same effect as Great Fairy's Tears. However, not only are they rare, but they are also the first to be targeted by Purple Chus to merge. If a Rare Chu and any other Chu merge, the new Chu will become the other color, canceling out the Rare Chu. Additionally, if Link already has Rare Chu Jelly, any Rare Chus set to appear will be replaced with Yellow Chus.


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