The Rare Armor Shop is a shop in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a store located in Tarrey Town and managed by Granté the son of Robbie and Jerrin. It is a secret shop only accessible after the side quest "From the Ground Up" has been fully completed. To access the shop, Link has to speak to Granté on the balcony of the first building on the right of the entrance of Tarrey Town. He will sell rare armor as Link discovers them at an extremely high price.

While the Shop sells mostly rare Armor, Link can also purchase the legendary Hylian Shield from Granté if the one obtained from Hyrule Castle's Lockup breaks thus his Shop serves as a place to obtain Hylian Shield replacements. Additionally the armor sold here are equipment that can be originally obtained from Shrines or side-quests, allowing Link to reacquire them if he sells them.


Item Price
Old Shirt 50
Well-Worn Trousers 50
Hylian Shield 3,000
Rubber Helm 4,000
Rubber Armor 4,000
Rubber Tights 4,000
Climber's Bandanna 4,000
Climbing Gear 4,000
Climbing Boots 4,000
Barbarian Helm 4,000
Barbarian Armor 4,000
Barbarian Leg Wraps 4,000
Sand Boots 800
Snow Boots 800
Salvager Headwear 50
Salvager Vest 50
Salvager Trousers 50
Nintendo Switch Shirt 50
Korok Mask 50
Majora's Mask 50
Tingle's Hood 50
Tingle's Shirt 50
Tingle's Tights 50
Midna's Helmet 50
Phantom Helmet 50
Phantom Armor 50
Phantom Greaves 50
Island Lobster Shirt 50
Ravio's Hood 50
Zant's Helmet 50
Royal Guard Cap 50
Royal Guard Uniform 50
Royal Guard Boots 50
Phantom Ganon Skull 50
Phantom Ganon Armor 50
Phantom Ganon Greaves 50
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