This article is about the Link's Awakening mini-game. For the mini-game from Twilight Princess, see Iza's Rapid Ride.

The Rapids Ride is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The entrance to the ride is located in a small cottage to the north of the Face Shrine and east of Angler's Tunnel. Link can rent a Raft for the price of 100 Rupees and, using Roc's Feather, gather as many flying items as possible, including Rupees and Bombs.

A Treasure Chest containing a Secret Seashell can be found in the south-west section of the region; however, the only way to get to the chest is through the Face Shrine. There are two Treasure Chests which each contain 20 Rupees accessible through the ride, both in the north-west section; an Owl Statue is also accessible.


Rapids Ride

The Rapids Ride

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