"I am Rafton. My dream is to make fine rafts that can sail the seas!"
— Rafton

Rafton is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. A keen maker of rafts, he lives in a small house to the south of the Black Tower in the past age.


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After the completion of the Wing Dungeon, Link must travel to Crescent Island to obtain the next Essence of Time. The only way to travel there in the past is with a raft, so Link meets with Rafton, who tells him that in order to cross the Crescent Strait safely, the raft he travels with must be bound together with rope that will not decay in water. He tells Link that the inventor Cheval is working on it, but will not be finished in the near future. In the present, Link recovers the rope, as well as Zora's Flippers from Cheval's grave, returning to Rafton with the rope. Rafton then tells Link that he needs an Island Chart in order to navigate the sea. Link obtains a chart from Tingle, and Rafton sends him on his way.

Later on in the game, Rafton plays a role in the trading quest for the Noble Sword. Link gives him the Magic Oar in return for the Sea Ukulele.

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