Rael (テンダ Tenda?) is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A member of the Lokomo tribe, Rael resides within the Sand Sanctuary.


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Rael and Link play a musical duet on Rael's oboe and Link's Spirit Flute to restore the path to the Sand Temple as well as most of the Spirit Tracks in the Sand Realm. Later on, five Cuccos can be brought to Rael for a Force Gem. Along with the rest of the Lokomo, Rael makes one final appearance during the battle against Malladus, playing a song with Link, Princess Zelda and the other Lokomos.

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"Rael" may be derived from rail, as in railroad; another reference to the widespread use of trains in New Hyrule.

His Japanese name is derived from "tender".

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