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The Quest for the Shop Guru Statue is a Trading Quest from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This trading quest revolves around three islands: Bomb Island, Greatfish Isle, and the Mother & Child Isles. The Traveling Merchants on each island will be willing to trade Link for the item he has, but only if he gives them Rupees as well.


Windfall Island

After obtaining two Pearls of the Goddesses, Zunari will request Link's assistance and give him the Town Flower.

Greatfish Isle

The Town Flower can be taken to a Traveling Merchant floating on a raft near Greatfish Isle. In return he gives Link the Sea Flower at the charge of 20 Rupees. If Link talks to him again, he will trade him the Exotic Flower for the Sea Flower and 25 Rupees.

Bomb Island

The merchant on Bomb Island gladly accepts the Exotic Flower and gives Link the Sickle Moon Flag in return for 40 Rupees. If Link talks to him again, he will gladly trade him the Sickle Moon Flag for the Fountain Idol and 65 Rupees.

Mother & Child Isles

The Fountain Idol can be traded to the Traveling Merchant on the island for the Big Sale Flag for 35 Rupees.

Greatfish Isle

The merchant at Greatfish Isle will trade Link the Hero's Flag for the Big Sale Flag and 75 Rupees. If Link talks to him again, he will trade him the Postman Statue for the Hero's Flag and 100 Rupees. The Big Sale Flag can be traded again for the Big Catch Flag (100 rupees), however Link will need another Big Sale Flag in order to trade for the Hero's Flag

Mother & Child Isles

The final trade with the Traveling Merchant yields the Shop Guru Statue in exchange for the Postman Statue. This Goron will ask for 200 Rupees.


After completing the first three trades, Link can return to Windfall Island and talk to Zunari, who gives Link the Magic Armor. The decorations from his shop can then be used to fill the fourteen empty Joy Pedestals scattered outdoors around Windfall. There are some pedestals indoors, but they don't have to be filled. After all fourteen outdoors pedestals have been filled, Sam (the man sitting on the Sea View Bench) rewards Link with a Piece of Heart. If a Postman Statue or Shop Guru Statue is placed on the Windfall Island gate, Kane the sailor will give Link a Purple Rupee.

By taking the Shop Guru Statue to the Traveling Merchant on Greatfish Isle, Link is rewarded with a Piece of Heart.

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