Throughout The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, Link will acquire many different items. By successfully trading them, he will eventually acquire the Noble Sword. If he manages to acquire the Noble Sword prior to completing the quest, the quest will reward him with the Master Sword.

The Trades

Yoll Graveyard

Poe Clock

Behind a small rock is the lonely Clock Poe. He will thank Link for visiting him and give him the Poe Clock.

Lynna Village


The Poe Clock must then be taken to the Postman, who is always running late. He will give Link Stationery.

Lynna Village

Stink Bag

The Stationery is then taken to the nearby latrine and given to ???. Although it never states what it needs the stationery for, it is easy to guess based on the Stink Bag Link receives in return.

Crescent Island

Tasty Meat

The Stink Bag is given to the Chef, who has a cold. It clears his head, and he gives Link Tasty Meat in return.

Nuun Highlands

Doggie Mask

The Tasty Meat is then given to the very hungry Happy Mask Salesman at the Mask Shop. He thanks Link and gives him the Doggie Mask.

Lynna City


The Doggie's Mask is given to Mamamu Yan, who puts it on her dog and then gives Link her spare Dumbbell.

Symmetry City

Cheesy Moustache

The Dumbell is taken to the Skinny Man who resides in Symmetry City. He presents Link with his Cheesy Mustache.

Lynna City

Funny Joke

The Cheesy Mustache is given to the Comedian near the bridge. He is inspired by the mustache and tells Link a Funny Joke.

Lynna Village

Touching Book

Dekadin is very depressed about the world around him, namely the building of the Black Tower. After Link tells him the funny joke, he thanks him for his efforts and gives him the Touching Book.

Maple Meeting

Magic Oar

If Link runs into Maple, the Touching Book will fall out of Link's pockets and land on the ground. Maple picks it up and is so touched by it that she takes it and gives Link the Magic Oar in return.

South Shore

Sea Ukulele

Upon visiting Rafton, he will notice Link's Magic Oar and dreams of the places he could see with it. If Link gives him the oar, he will give Link the Sea Ukulele in return.

Coast of No Return

Broken Sword

In the Past to the east of Lynna Village and west of the Sea of No Return is the Elderly Zora. If Link gives him the Sea Ukulele, he thanks Link for giving him something to remind him of the Zoras and will give Link the Broken Noble Sword.

Restoration Wall

Noble Sword (Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons)

Link must take the Broken Noble Sword to Patch, who will repair it after Link completes the Restoration Ceremony.

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