The Quest for the Great Spin Attack is a Trading Quest from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. In the quest, Link must travel the World of the Ocean King, visiting all four Travelers Ships located in each of the different seas, along with Bannan Island and the Old Wayfarer's Ship.


Northeastern Sea

The first time Link defeats the enemies in the Man of Smiles' boat, he gives Link the Hero's New Clothes, a set of clothes that appears to be invisible.

Northwestern Sea

The Hero's New Clothes can be traded with the Self-proclaimed Hero, who gives Link the Telescope, which is, in actuality, a Kaleidoscope.

Southeastern Sea

The Kaleidoscope is given to Hoiger Howgendoogen on the Traveler's Ship in exchange for the Guard Notebook.

Southwestern Sea

The notebook is traded back to Nyave, its original owner. As thanks, he gives Link the Wood Heart.

Southeastern Sea

After Link obtains the Wood Heart, the Old Wayfarer will appear on a boat called the S.S. Wayfarer in the middle of the Southeastern Sea. Note that, for the S.S. Wayfarer to appear, the "mermaid" Joanne must have met the Old Wayfarer. After Link gives him the Wood Heart, he thanks Link and tells him to leave. As he is leaving, the man calls Link back and tells him to go to Bannan Island.

Bannan Island

Before docking, Link must defeat a Big Eye Plant. In the Old Wayfarer's house, a large chest containing the Swordsman's Scroll can be found in the back. It teaches Link to use the Great Spin Attack by doing three consecutive Spin Attacks.

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