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Queen Seline is a character appearing in the The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics. She is the monarch of the kingdom of Calatia and seems to be close friends with King Harkinian.[1][2] Seline is also very fond of Princess Zelda, who she first met when Zelda was a child.[3][4] Possessing great magical powers that can easily destroy Ganon's minions,[5] Queen Seline is a fair and benevolent ruler who is beloved by the Calatians. She is heavily featured in Queen of Hearts and Coming Home, which are her only two appearances in the comic.

Appearances and Biography

Queen of Hearts

In Queen of Hearts, Seline's magical powers mysteriously disappear, and her search for them leads her to the kingdom of Hyrule.[6] Unfortunately, as she is traveling through the Death Mountain region, she is ambushed by a Wizzrobe and two Dairas. Link and Zelda soon arrive to the scene and rescue the queen, where Seline explains her situation. When the two heroes take Seline back to the North Palace to meet with King Harkinian,[7] it is revealed that the two of them already know each other,[8] and both Harkinian and Seline are delighted to see one another again after sixteen years.[2] They spend most of the next day together,[9] which causes for Princess Zelda to become jealous of Seline.[10]

Soon after Ganon's minions begin to head towards the castle, and Seline, regretting her choice of having spent so much time dawdling,[11] rushes off to seek the knowledge of the Triforce of Wisdom. When Link and Zelda realize that the sacred relic is gone, Zelda accuses Seline of stealing it,[12] but the queen explains that she is not stealing the Triforce and that she merely came to Hyrule to seek its wisdom.[13] She elaborates that Ganon has sealed her magic powers in a magic container, and that the Triforce said that Zelda must accompany her into retriever her powers, for otherwise, Seline will fail.[14] Despite her pleas, Zelda refuses to go with her.[15] The queen continues to insist since now that Ganon is planning to use her to take over Calatia, he will surely use her kingdom to take over Hyrule as well.[16] Just then, Link offers his assistance,[17] and although Seline tells him that without Zelda's help they will fail due to the Triforce's prediction,[18] the young hero insists and the two of them begin to gallop away with Link clearing the bridge of Ganon's army to allow the queen to go through.

Eventually, Link and Seline stumble into a cave near the North Palace,[19] where they are trying to break open the magic container being guarded by a Wizzrobe and a horde of Ganon's minions so that Seline's powers will return.[20] Link is then heavily injured and faints, but before the Wizzrobe can do anything, Zelda appears and shoots an arrow at the magic container,[21] restoring Seline's powers and allowing her to easily defeat the army of enemies.[22] Back at the palace, Seline says her goodbyes to King Harkinian, but before she departs, she asks Zelda what made her trust her and go to the cave.[23] The young princess apologizes for her behavior, saying that everything Seline did was out of love and Zelda was just being jealous of her.[24] Seline returns Zelda's hug and reminds her to stay strong so that she will be the queen of Hyrule someday.[4] The story ends with Seline riding away as Zelda asks her father if she will ever be a great queen like her.[25]

Coming Home

In Coming Home, Queen Seline is suddenly attacked by an evil clone of her, which defeats her with her own powers and locks her up in the tower of the palace of Calatia.[26] The clone, who turns out to be Shadow Link, then takes over the queen's kingdom and begins to make her people suffer under his rule. When Link arrives to Calatia and is locked up along with Seline, she quickly explains the situation to the young hero until a Daira comes and takes both Seline and Link to Shadow Link, where he sentences both of them to execution.[27] The queen then halts him and demands her right of a life trial since it is Calatian Law that anyone sentenced to death has the right to trial by combat to prove their innocence.[28] Shadow Link accepts her challenge and, in accordance with the ancient laws, Seline chooses Link to fight in her place,[29] to which Link agrees.[30]

The next morning, however, Link wakes up to realize that his Triforce of Courage has left his heart,[31] and Seline explains that it is due to it being the Day of the Triforce, which is when all three Triforce pieces disappear once every decade for one full day.[32] The young hero is discouraged since he cannot hope to have any chances against Shadow Link,[33] but the queen tells him that she has faith in him, and not the Triforce of Courage.[34] Eventually, Link ends up winning against Shadow Link in the name of Seline, and the queen commends him for his great courage.[35]


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