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Queen Gibdo is the Boss of the Lightning Temple in Tears of the Kingdom.


Tears of the Kingdom[]

Hyrule Compendium Entry

XXX (XXX) Queen Gibdo
The ruler of the Gibdos and the culprit behind the sand shroud that plagued the Gerudo region, the Queen Gibdo is an agile beast who built a nest in the desert to spawn her drones en masse. Her tough exoskeleton deflects ordinary weapons.
Common Locations
Lightning Temple
Recoverable Materials

Queen Gibdo is the Boss of the Lightning Temple. She is a large, moth-like creature with pink flashing antennae, she is the master of all the Gibdos. She was summoned by Ganondorf to protect a Secret Stone, the source of the sand shroud and Gibdo hordes in Gerudo Desert. Link fights her first briefly outside the temple and then properly in the Room of Glorious Light at the top of the Temple, both times alongside Riju.

Outside the Temple[]

When Link uses Riju's lightning to open the entrance to the temple, Queen Gibdo will emerge. She can be damaged with Riju's lightning ability or any other elemental attacks, though electricity is most effective. When damaged, she will become skeletal, like other Gibdos do when made vulnerable. If attacked while skeletal, she will fall to the ground, stunned. She will eventually regenerate and return to flying around. Her attacks include a beam of sand, a trio of sand tornadoes, and a simple charge attack. After taking some damage, she will flee to the top of the temple. If she strays too far from the entrance to the temple, she will teleport back in a similar method to the Yiga.

First Phase[]

When Link and Riju reach the Room of Glorious Light, Queen Gibdo will appear once again for a proper battle. Her health is restored to full, and the first phase is identical to the encounter outside of the temple.

Second Phase[]

When Queen Gibdo reaches 50% health, she will activate the four Gibdo hives around the room. Link can destroy these by using Riju's Lightning, though this is not required to complete the fight. Light will shine down after each one is destroyed, and it can be used as a safe space from the Gibdos. The light can also be reflected with a Zonai mirror to destroy Gibdos or damage the Queen. Her attacks become more aggressive, such as being able to summon up to five sand tornadoes instead of three.

When Queen Gibdo is defeated, Link will receive a Heart Container and Riju's Vow.


After defeating her in the Lightning Temple, Queen Gibdo can be encountered again in various locations in The Depths. This fight is almost identical to the original, except without the light available for use. Upon defeat, Queen Gibdo will drop a Queen Gibdo Wing. Additionally, a nearby chest with a Huge Crystallized Charge will unlock.


  • Queen Gibdo's antenna will change colors from red, purple-pink, and yellow.


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