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Quaker Tree
The Quaker Tree is never seen in the book
Other appearance(s)
Causes earthquakes when its roots are hit

The Quaker Tree is a tree mentioned in The Shadow Prince. It only appears in the book after Charles of Moria decides to fight the Darknut that ambushes Princess Zelda, Link and him with the sword. When the fight is over, Charles's sword accidentally slices into the roots of a Quaker Tree after the sword sinks into the ground.[1] Due to the tree's earthquake, the group falls into an Underground Tunnel, which is a maze filled with deadly Stalfos.[2]


  1. "The sword, caught underneath his massive body, sinks into the ground. R-R-R-UMMMMBLE! The earth around Link's feet shakes. Oh, no! Charles's sword must have sliced into the roots of a quaker tree!"  (The Shadow Prince (Mammoth) pg. 12)
  2. "The next thing knows, he, Zelda and Chalres have dropped twenty feet into an underground tunnel."  (The Shadow Prince (Mammoth) pg. 12)