The Qua Raym Shrine is a Shrine from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located at Goronbi Lake at Eldin Canyon, in which the lake in question is full of lava. It can be accessed right away as soon as Link has found it. The Sheikah Monk Qua Raym will offer Link a Spirit Orb after the completion of his trial, known as "A Balanced Approach". It is also one of the Shrines that happens to utilize a Small Key. A Knight's Claymore can be found in the Treasure Chest of the Shrine.

"A Balanced Approach" trial

When Link enters the Shrine of Qua Raym, the first thing he must do is obtain a Small Key in order to begin solving the puzzle. In order to do that, Link must first destroy a crate on the eastern podium in order for the chest to come down so that Link may obtain the needed Small Key. Link can then unlock the lock, blocking the way to the metal boxes, and use the Magnesis Rune.

However, before beginning to move the metal containers to move upwards, Link should take note of the spiked ceiling above the eastern podium. If Link does not wisely use a metal box for the other platform, he will be crushed by the spikes above the eastern podium. Therefore, one metal box should be used as cover against the spikes for the eastern podium and the other two, while Link is on the eastern podium, should be put on the western podium. Link can then proceed onward to receive a Spirit Orb for his efforts.

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