This page is about the dungeon from Four Swords Adventures. For the location from A Link to the Past, see Pyramid (A Link to the Past).
"The pyramid is sacred to our people. To have a criminal such as him enter... His presence stains its holy ground."

The Pyramid is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This dungeon is the third stage of The Desert of Doubt, the game's sixth level. In the early dungeon, the four Links must traverse a maze while avoiding Giant Bombs dropped by Shadow Link.

Upon reaching a large circular area, the Links must first obtain the Slingshot from the southern of the two western rooms. By hitting the two switches in the room above, the Links gains a Small Key, which can be used on the southern of the two east western rooms. There, the Links must face four Gibdos as well as their Stalfos forms in the Dark World. After defeating them, the heroes can take a Lamp, which can light the torches around the circular area as well as in the first room.

After opening the room with the Pegasus Boots, the Links must take them to the Great Fairy to upgrade them. With their new-found ability to dash over holes, the Links can now cross the northern of the two western rooms and collect the Moon Pearl. It can be used in the alcove in the circular area to reach the central room, similar to burial chambers of ancient Egypt's pyramids. In one of the Treasure Chests, the Links can obtain Bombs which are needed to enter the room on the north wall of the circular area.

Once the Links solve the platform puzzle in the next room, they face the boss, Dagtail. After it is defeated, they rescue the Purple Maiden.

While traveling through the Pyramid, the Links discover that the Trident is missing, leading them to suspect that Ganondorf has taken it to gain power.

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