The Pyramid is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Located directly in the center of the Dark World, it is the equivalent of Hyrule Castle in the Light World. Although the Pyramid's external size is considerable, arguably little of what it contains is seen. On the exterior area of the Pyramid is a Weak Wall, which can only be broken with Super Bombs. Behind the wall is a Mysterious Pond, wherein is found the Great Fairy who bestows upon Link the Silver Arrows needed to defeat Ganon. Additionally, it contains the room in which Link battles Ganon, a room underneath the battle ground that contains a Telepathic Tile, which has an exit that leads outside, and the chamber of the Triforce. In the Game Boy Advance port, the Pyramid also holds the Palace of the Four Sword.


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After Link defeats the wizard Agahnim for a second and final time at the top of Ganon's Tower, Ganon reveals himself to have been possessing Agahnim's body all along. In a monstrous bat-like form, Ganon escapes to the Pyramid and creates a passageway by crashing down on top of it. Link plays the Flute, summoning the Duck, who transports him to the top of the Pyramid. Inside, Link encounters Ganon; armed with the Master Sword and the Silver Arrows, Link defeats him, and a staircase reveals itself. Link ascends it and finds himself in the chamber of the Triforce. Link touches the Triforce and wishes for all the evil deeds of Ganon to be undone. Peace returns to Hyrule, and Link returns the Master Sword to its pedestal in the Lost Woods, that it may sleep forever.

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It is possible that the Pyramid may actually be the Temple of Light, the mythical location at the heart of the Sacred Realm where the Triforce is kept. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Rauru, the Sage of Light, states the Temple of Light is located at the center of the Sacred Realm, which, in A Link to the Past, has been transformed into a Dark World by the wicked wishes of Ganon. As the Pyramid has a relatively centralized location in the transformed Sacred Realm and does indeed contain the resting place of the Triforce, it is possible that the Pyramid is the corrupted form of the Temple of Light.

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Pyramid (A Link to the Past)

The Pyramid

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