"Heh heh heh... Soon I shall make a killing off this town..."
— Purlo

Purlo (ダンチョー Danchō?, Ring Leader) Hylian PHylian UHylian RHylian LHylian O is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is the owner of the STAR Game in Hyrule Castle Town. He is very greedy and is allergic to dogs and wolves, although despite this, he had a good enough speaking voice and good enough looks to have admirers.


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Purlo hosts the STAR Game in Hyrule Castle Town. He initially looks upon Link with disbelief and mocks him when he pays for a round with the game. After Link successfully completes the game, however, Purlo feigns a thankful disposition and presents him with a Big Quiver, but mutters hateful words under his breath. He promises Link that the difficulty of the game will be increased.

Upon his return, the game is indeed harder, as more light balls have been added, and all the platforms have been removed. In truth, it cannot be completed without the Double Clawshots. Purlo continually mocks Link, but is shocked when he completes it for the second time. He grudgingly gives Link the Giant Quiver and asks him not to ever play again.

It seems that even in Wolf form, Link is the bane of Purlo's existence; if Link enters the STAR Game tent as Wolf Link, Purlo sneezes and reveals that he had finally gotten his canine allergies under control. If Link speaks to him again, he tells the hero to, "Shoo! Begone! Go thence!"

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In an interview Eiji Aonuma stated Purlo is a representation of what Tingle would be if he were a realistic character, thus explaining their similarities in appearance.


Given his greedy nature and the scheming implied in his dialogue, as well as the fact that he does not want successful game players to participate in his game, his name may be derived from the term "purloin", which means "to steal". His japanese name, Danchō literally means Ring Leader, which is likely a reference to the fact that he acts as the ringmaster for the STAR Game.


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