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Puppets (パペット Papetto?, Hylian PHylian UHylian PHylian PHylian EHylian T) are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are large, wooden marionettes controlled and animated by the Skull Kid's magic. The Skull Kid uses them to protect the Sacred Grove from trespassers.

Link first encounters the Puppets when he is in Faron Province and is trapped in wolf form by Zant's magic; the Female Monkey that Link rescued earlier in the game appears, with Puppets in pursuit. Link defeats the Puppets and learns from the monkey of the existence of another section of woods, which is on the other side of a cliff. This part of the woods turns out to be the Sacred Grove.

When Link is in the Sacred Grove, the Skull Kid will occasionally play a loud note on his horn. When he does, several Puppets appear and attack Link. Link must defeat these Puppets or they will surround him and strike. When Link battles the Skull Kid in the large circular enclosure at the end of the woods, he can defeat every Puppet at once by striking the Skull Kid; this can be done in wolf form or with arrows when Link returns to the Sacred Grove. Link must attack the Skull Kid three times in order to win the fight.

Other Appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

Sacred Grove Defender

Link fighting Puppets in Link's Crossbow Training

In the Sacred Grove: Defender stage, Link must fend off Puppets that the Skull Kid sends at him. The hero can shoot the Skull Kid to get an automatic Crossbow.

Hyrule Warriors & Legends

Puppets appear as part of the Skull Kid's Ocarina moveset. Via his Ocarina's Strong Attack, Skull Kid will pull out and blow his horn from Twilight Princess to summon a single Puppet to attack enemies independently of the Skull Kid, allowing them to attack enemies together with Skull Kid or separately. It also appears as part of Skull Kid's standard Weak Point Smash.

It should be noted there is a bug/glitch that sometimes causes the Puppet not to appear during Skull Kid's Weak Point Attack, causing the enemy to only be hit and damaged by the explosion of dark energy Skull Kid unleashes at the end of the attack, as the Puppet's absence due to the bug prevents them from attacking or damaging the enemy during the attack.

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