"I've got it! Why don't you show me how good you are with your bow? I'm going to toss some pumpkins into the air, OK? You show me how good you are by filling them full of arrows! Throwing the pumpkins in the air will give me a good workout too! Two birds with one stone!"

Pumpkin Pull is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is a target shooting game found in front of the Sparring Hall in Skyloft. Fledge offers to let Link play for 20 Rupees after Link obtains a Bow and has helped Fledge with his physical troubles. During the 90 seconds of the mini-game, Fledge throws pumpkins into the air that Link must shoot with arrows. The first pumpkin Link shoots is worth 10 points; each consecutive pumpkin is worth 10 more points than the last, with scores capping at 50 points per pumpkin. Occasionally, Fledge throws glittering pumpkins that are worth double the current points.

Fledge rewards Link with 50 Rupees for scoring 150 to 390 points, some Eldin Ore, an Ancient Flower, or, rarely, a Dusk Relic for scoring 400 to 590 points, a Piece of Heart for scoring at least 600 points the first time, and a rare treasure such as a Blue Bird Feather for scoring at least 600 any time after the first.

It is worth noting that aiming the bow directly at Fledge, and firing immediately after he releases the pumpkin allows for each shot to be made without fail.

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