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Proxi (プロクシィ Purokushī?, Hylian PHylian RHylian OHylian XHylian I) is a character from Hyrule Warriors. She is mostly seen in text speaking for Link (allowing him to retain his role in the series as silent protagonist). She appears to be a homage of Navi, giving helpful information whilst exclaiming, "Hey, listen!"

In the second Cia's Tale mission, it is revealed that Proxi is a survivor of Cia's attempts to purge Hyrule of its fairies to weaken the kingdom, Proxi was saved from Cia by the intervention of Lana. She meets the brave young Hyrule Army recruit named Link during the game's first mission and decides to stay with him for protection and aids him by acting as a voice for Link due to him being a man of few words. As a result she does all the talking for Link during the game.

She is similar in personality to Navi and Ciela, though she at one point mirrors Link's overconfidence after he obtains the Master Sword, believing that Link is unstoppable with the Blade of Evil's Bane in hand she prompts him on. After Link's encounter with Cia's small band of Dark Links, Proxi apologies for egging him on realizing that even with the Master Sword, Link is not invincible.

In addition to Link she also appears as Young Link's Fairy Companion, though interestingly while partnered with Young Link her personality is somewhat similar to Tatl.

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The name "Proxi" may be derived from the word "Proxy", which means "someone or something representing someone or something else". This seems fitting, as Proxi looks and behaves exactly the same as Navi, and assumes her role as Link's companion and information-giver. Therefore, Proxi can be seen as a proxy of Navi. Proxi can also be seen as a proxy for Link himself since she speaks in his place.

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