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Professor Shikashi is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] Professor Shikashi goes unnamed in Ocarina of Time.


Ocarina of Time

Professor Shikashi appears as an elderly man in Ocarina of Time. He is first seen in the Market, where he talks about the Sheikah when Link is a child.[2] Seven years later, he moves to Kakariko Village following the destruction of Hyrule Castle Town. He talks about the House of Skulltula and the history of the Lens of Truth when Link is an adult.[3][4]

Majora's Mask

Professor Shikashi is a wise old man who spends his time in the Astral Observatory in Majora's Mask, looking at the stars. He opens his observatory and the path leading to it from Clock Town to the Bombers, so that they may use it as their hideout.[5] Professor Shikashi is also the one who informs Link about the importance of the Moon's Tear.[6] Like many others in Termina, Professor Shikashi also had a disruptive encounter with the Skull Kid before Link's arrival.[7] He is also very concerned about the Moon's slow descent to Termina.[8]


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FranceFrenchEUShikashi (MM3D)[9]
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