"Hmm? What is it, boy? Did you also come to watch the Zora eggs hatch?"
— Professor

The Professor is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He bases his research in the Marine Research Lab located just off Great Bay Coast.


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The Professor has a good relationship with the Zora race, and aids them in attempting to cope with the polluted water plaguing the bay by raising fish for them to eat, as fish in the bay are becoming scarce. He also promises to take care of Lulu's eggs, which cannot survive if left in the polluted water for too long. However, the eggs are stolen, and Link must retrieve all seven. Once all eggs have been gathered and released into the aquarium inside the Professor's research lab, the eggs will hatch and, to the astonishment of the Professor, the Zora spawn will teach Link the "New Wave Bossa Nova".

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