"So, tell me, small fry... Have you heard of the golden set of Triumph Forks? It's right there, I tell you! A chart that shows you where they are! In that house! If you want it, you'd better scour the place from floor to ceiling!"

The Private Oasis is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is an island situated on the Great Sea.


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When Link gives Mrs. Marie twenty Joy Pendants, she grants him the Cabana Deed, which entitles him to full ownership of the Private Oasis. Upon entering the Cabana on the island for the first time, the name of the island changes to Link's Oasis (the actual name depends on the player's name). Small sums of Rupees and Hearts are scattered throughout the island, as are several outdoor furnishings appropriate for a resort. This is the only place in the game besides Windfall Island that Link can find Joy Pedestals. The Cabana on the island is inhabited by what seems to be the spirit of the Butler, who also serves as the doorman. He is very unkind to those "below" him and extraordinarily sycophantic to his superiors. Inside, there is a tile game also operated by the Butler and a fireplace, which damages Link if he gets too close. On the highest peak of the island, a chest with a Treasure Chart is found by the waterfall. This area is most easily accessible with the Hookshot, although it is possible to jump from the house's railing to the ledge opposite by using the Deku Leaf in combination with an appropriate wind direction.

The focal point of the Private Oasis is the mini-dungeon situated in the basement of the Cabana. Link enters the basement by by pulling a switch on the ceiling with his Grappling Hook, which extinguishes the fireplace and reveals the entrance. Within the mini-dungeon, Link obtains a Triforce Chart. In the Wii U The Legend of Zelda series re-releases Link obtains a Triforce Shard instead.

Drona, one of the Koroks, is found on the island with his Withered Forest Tree, which Link must restore with Forest Water on a quest to get a Piece of Heart.

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