Pritana is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Pritana during the day she can be found in the marketplace talking to Nali while at night she can be found at The Noble Canteen in Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert region of Hyrule.

If spoken to around sunset before she reaches The Noble Canteen, she warns Link of the drop in temperature that occurs in the desert at night and notes that while Gerudo Vai clothing is fine within the walls of Gerudo Town outside the walls one should wear warm clothing such as a Warm Doublet and if Link doesn't have one "she" (as Pritana is fooled by Link's disguise) should stay at a hotel until morning. It should be noted she advises Link only to wear a Warm Doublet outside of the walls and Link should avoid wearing it in Gerudo Town as it ruins his disguise. However Pritana's comments indicate women do wear Warm Doublets as warm clothing indicating they are worn by men and women. Oddly she makes no mention of Ruby Circlets which are made and sold at Starlight Memories.

If spoken to at night in the bar, she questions if Link really is old enough to drink there. Humorously Link can answer her question with the response "I'm over 100!" referencing the fact he has lived since before the Great Calamity. However Pritana doesn't believe him unaware Link's aging had been halted by the Slumber of Restoration and that Link had slept for a century before awakening in the modern era. It is unclear if Link was physically old enough to drink before his aging was halted as neither Pritana or Furosa the barkeep reveal the drinking age within Gerudo Town as Link may be biologically too young to drink as his physical aging was halted while he slept. Pritana and Furosa both assume Link is female which may effect their perception of Link's age as they may believe Link is younger due to his androgynous appearance and Jules who knows Link's secret states he is really good at passing as a Hylian girl indicating that Link while disguised is viewed as being younger than he would be otherwise. This conversation with Pritana lampshades the fact Link is far older than he appears. However Pritana finds Link's response humorous and says they should have a drink together when Link is older.

Physical appearance

Pritana is a Gerudo female with a large, red bun adorned with a gold and purple crown. She wears a yellow Gerudo Top and a white Gerudo Sirwal.

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