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Prince Sidon is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is the prince of the Zora, the son of King Dorephan, and the younger brother of Mipha. Link can first meet him on the Inogo Bridge or directly at Zora's Domain, in the Lanayru Great Spring region of Hyrule.

He is voiced by Jamie Mortellaro in the English version of the game.

Personality and abilities

Prince Sidon has a very enthusiastic personality, remaining cheerful even when his home and people are suffering from the corruption of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Like most Zora in Breath of the Wild, he has lived much longer than the average Hylian, mentioning that he is old enough to remember his elder sister Mipha, who died one hundred years before the events of the game. When recruiting Link to help him defeat Vah Ruta, Sidon initially comes across as quite serious. However, he eventually becomes more expressive after meeting with King Dorephan and speaking in front of his people. It seems that Sidon wants his people to strive to be happy during the dark times, and encourages this by being a positive example himself.

Sidon is capable of many great feats. It is said by him and others of his race that he is the best swimmer of all the Zora. This is demonstrated when he swims with Link atop his back in order to get him close to Vah Ruta. It is also said that he is a skilled archer, but cannot wield Shock Arrows since he is a Zora. Sidon's ability with a bow has not been seen.


One of the Zora Stone Monuments reveals that in the past Sidon took it upon himself to slay an Octorok that had been terrorizing the fishermen of Lurelin Village. According to the monuments, the Octorok was the size of a mountain and had swallowed many brave souls who tried to slay it. At first Prince Sidon seemed to suffer this fate as well when he was swallowed by the beast, however Sidon continued to attack the beast from the inside with his spear, and eventually pierced through the beast resulting in its death. Prince Sidon was praised for his heroics by the fishermen and his historic battle was immortalized in stone.

He is also quite popular among the female Zora due to his talent, good looks, and positive attitude. As a result he even has his own fan club who idolizes him. However he becomes rather unpopular within most of the male Zora Elders mainly due to his decision to seek the help of Hylians. The elders indeed blame them to be responsible of the beloved Princess death during the Great Calamity, whereas Dorephan and Sidon do not agree. They believe that the Zora and the Hylians must work together against the common threat posed by Ganon and the Divine Beasts he controls. However the prince can be somewhat blunt to the point some people consider him to be insensitive or even rude. Some people who do not know him may be put off by his personality, even doubting his royal heritage.

Meeting places

  • He can be first seen at Inogo Bridge, where he recruits Link to help him take down Vah Ruta. He then follows Link as he goes toward Zora's Domain.
    However Link can reach Zora's Domain without meeting Sidon there.
  • His next appearance is in Zora's Domain, where he explains the situation in more detail, and introduces Link to King Dorephan and Muzu. He then departs for the East Reservoir Lake, where he will wait for Link to take down the Divine Beast.
    If not encountered at Inogo Bridge, Prince Sidon appears in the Zora throne room. He tells Link to leave as his father is busy, but welcomes Link once he realizes he is a Hylian.
  • After retrieving enough Shock Arrows and equipping the Zora Armor, Sidon will be waiting for Link at the edge of the East Reservoir Lake. He then allows Link to ride him in the water so he can swim him closer to Vah Ruta. Once boarding the Divine Beast, he leaves Link, returning to Zora's Domain.
  • His final story appearance is in Zora's Domain, where he thanks Link for his efforts alongside Muzu and King Dorephan, who then presents Link with Mipha's Lightscale Trident.
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