"I am not sure if I can be of any use at all... Can I?"
— Prince Ralis

Prince Ralis is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is the Crown Prince of the Zora people. He is the son of the late Queen Rutela and King Zora.


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When the forces of Zant invaded Hyrule, Zora's Domain was frozen over, trapping most Zora beneath thick ice and stopping water from flowing to Lake Hylia. At the behest of his mother, Ralis set out for Hyrule Castle to alert Princess Zelda about the situation and ask for her help. Zant's forces attacked him en route, however, and he was rescued by Ilia; due to being separated from water for so long, however, Prince Ralis grew ill and was brought to Telma's Bar, where Doctor Borville refused to give the Zora prince medical attention.

A short while later, Link arrives in Hyrule Castle Town and learns of the situation. Telma plans to bring Prince Ralis to the shaman Renado in Kakariko Village, but the road there is full of dangers. Link guards the caravan against monstrous beasts, and they successfully bring Ralis to Renado. The Zora prince's health is eventually restored; however, he is reluctant to return to Zora's Domain to take his place as ruler of the Zora, as he believes that he has let his people down. Link finds the resting place of Ralis' father and mother in a secret place beyond the village graveyard, a result of which is the restoration of Ralis' faith in himself.

Later, being an excellent Reekfish angler, Prince Ralis repays his debt to Link by providing him with a Coral Earring, which is the bait required to catch a Reekfish, which Link needs to find his way to the top of Snowpeak and obtain the second Mirror Shard. Humorously, Beth becomes smitten with him (similar to how Princess Ruto became smitten with Link in Ocarina of Time) and even more so after finding out he is a prince.

During the ending credits, Ralis is seen sitting on top of the cliff in Zora's Domain and being watched over by the spirit of his mother.

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