"Psssssh! That's just a big, fat lie! It's easy to SAY you can do anything! Bragging doesn't cost a thing! I'll tell you what: If you can find me someone who can get past all the obstacles on Dragon Roost to get to Valoo... THEN I'll listen to anything you say!"
— Prince Komali

Prince Komali is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. A timid boy in his first appearance, he is the crown prince of the Rito tribe. He is also the holder of Din's Pearl, which was given to him by his deceased grandmother. Prince Komali is a close friend to Medli.


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Prince Komali Normal

Some time before the events of the game, Komali's grandmother, who was the only Rito with the power to calm down Valoo, the Sky Spirit, died by unknown means. Komali was traumatized and locked himself in his room, away from the rest of the world. To his father's dismay, he also adopted a negative attitude towards life and lost confidence in himself. However, Medli, a harp playing Rito studying to become Valoo's next attendant, grew to be respected by Komali, and the two became good friends.

When Link appears on Dragon Roost Island, Komali acts very hostile towards him. When Link defeats Gohma, who had been tormenting Valoo, however, Komali regains his confidence and ascends to the top of Dragon Roost Mountain to get his scale from the Great Valoo and become a true Rito. He also apologizes for mistrusting Link, stating his desire to be like him. He gives Link his treasured Din's Pearl as a reward and also out of friendship. He becomes a brave young adult, who eventually repays Link yet again by saving him and Tetra from Ganondorf's clutches at the Forsaken Fortress, alongside Quill and Valoo. After Link and Tetra are brought to safety, Komali informs Link that Aryll, Link's sister who has just been rescued, is safe with Tetra's crew.

Later, Prince Komali wants to thank Medli for watching over him as a guardian. After Medli becomes the Sage of Earth, Komali can be seen outside Dragon Roost Island holding a flower he wanted to give to Medli and he asks Link if he knows where she is. If Link comes back later or plays the "Song of Passing" next to Komali, the next day, Komali's flower will have wilted. Komali will express his disappointment at not getting to see the look of pleasant surprise on Medli's face. This could imply that there might be a romantic relationship between the two.

At the end of the game, Prince Komali finds Link and Tetra floating on the Great Sea, where Medli, her new friend, Makar, the Sage of Wind, and Tetra's Pirates find them shortly afterwards.

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It is possible Prince Komali was inspired by Prince Rouru, as the Watarara race inspired the creation of the official Rito race and both are immature and become more mature over time.

Komali seems very fond of Medli and may be attracted to her, which is made more sad of the fact that Medli becomes a Sage and will not come back for some time.

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