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Prince Facade, also known as the White Knight, is a character from the Legend of Zelda animated series. The prince of Arcadia, he is also a traveling adventurer, the same as Link.


In the episode "The White Knight", Prince Facade comes to Hyrule to win the heart of Princess Zelda. Mesmerized by his good looks, Princess Zelda falls for the prince after he arrives just in time to save her from an Octorok attack. The two travel back to Hyrule Castle where Facade wins the favor of King Harkinian as well. With this new hero in town, Princess Zelda and King Harkinian stop caring about Link, going as far as forgetting his name at times. Jealous, Link leaves the castle after telling Spryte that Zelda can depend on Facade to protect the Triforce from now on.

Shortly after Link leaves however, Ganon takes the opportunity to send his minions to invade the castle. While Prince Facade is distracted, a River Zora grabs Zelda and drags her outside. Facade gives chase shortly after, but finds that the River Zora has wandered into a swamp-like area. Concerned more with his appearance than protecting Zelda, Facade refuses to walk in the mud, and the River Zora nearly gets away with the princess. Just in time, however, Link arrives and defeats the enemy. Seeing her mistake, Zelda pushes Facade into the mud and travels back to the castle with Link.


"Façade" can be used as a figure of speech to describe the "face" that people show other people. An example of this might be a person who seems very professional and organized on the outside, but is really feeling very disorganized and stressed. This is most likely a reference to his stories of heroics, yet unwillingness to do anything which would cause him to get dirty.

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