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Powder Kegs are items in Majora's Mask.[1] It is the most famous product of the Gorons and much stronger than a regular Bomb.[2]

Location and Uses

Link can only purchase and use Powder Kegs as Goron Link, and must first pass a certification test before he can purchase any.[3] To become certified, Goron Link must visit a Goron in the Goron Powder Keg Shop, which is frozen over in the winter so Link must use a Fire Arrow or wait until spring to enter. He will give the hero a lit Powder Keg, which he then must use to destroy the boulder blocking the entrance to the Goron Racetrack, before the Keg explodes.[4] If Link successfully completes this task, the Goron will give him a free Powder Keg, certifying him to buy and carry one Powder Keg at a time.[5]

After Link is certified to use Powder Kegs (even after returning to the dawn of the First Day), Goron Link can buy Powder Kegs at the Goron Powder Keg Shop and Clock Town's Bomb Shop,[6] but he can only carry one at a time.[7] A Powder Keg costs 100 Rupees in Majora's Mask or 20 Rupees in Majora's Mask 3D at the Goron Powder Keg Shop,[8][9] and 50 Rupees at the Bomb Shop.

Powder Kegs possess devastating explosive power, and as such can be used to destroy obstacles that regular Bombs cannot. A Powder Keg can be used to open the way to the Goron Racetrack; destroy the boulder on Milk Road on the First or Second Day, clearing a way to Romani Ranch; or to blow a hole in the roof of the Ikana Castle, granting access to the throne room. A Powder Keg can also be used to complete the pot-breaking game at Zora Cape by destroying all the pots at once.[10]

Once lit, a Powder Keg will explode when its fuse burns out. However, Link can make it explode immediately by shooting an Arrow at it.[11] Alternatively, an immediate explosion, like a well-timed Bomb or the Blast Mask, will suffice.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 大バクダン (Dai Bakudan) Large Bomb
French-speaking countries French Baril de poudre (MM3D) Barrel of powder
French Republic FrenchEU Baril de Poudre (MM) Barrel of Powder
Federal Republic of Germany German Pulverfass Powder Barrel
Italian Republic Italian Barile esplosivo (MM3D)
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Barril de pólvora (MM3D) Barrel of powder
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Barril de Pólvora (MM) Barrel of Powder


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