"You got a Powder Keg! Press (C) to light it, then tap (C) to place it. Be careful-- its sheer power and size are immense!"
— In-game description

Powder Kegs are items from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. These heavy, explosive kegs can be wielded only by Gorons, and as such Link must assume his Goron form to use them. Even so, Link's maximum capacity for carrying Powder Kegs is one. Powder Kegs bear the emblem of a modified skull and crossbones, with the skull being that of a Goron.

Though able to destroy certain objects regular bombs cannot, Powder Kegs require somewhat more time to detonate; Link can cause a premature explosion by hitting a Powder Keg with his bow and arrows. The first time Link uses a Powder Keg, as part of a test, the fuse is much longer than usual, providing him with more time to complete his task. Despite being exceedingly powerful, they deal only one heart worth of damage should he be caught in the blast.

Medigoron, proprietor of the Goron Powder Keg Shop in Goron Village, sells Powder Kegs for 100 Rupees per keg. A Goron salesman found in the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town sells them for the price of 50 Rupees per keg.


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In order to use Powder Kegs, Link must first pass a test of certification given to him by Medigoron; namely, breaking the boulder blocking the way to the Goron Racetrack near the Twin Islands. After completing this task, Medigoron grants Link permission to carry and use Powder Kegs, and even provides him with his first Powder Keg for his inventory, free of charge.

Subsequently, the usage of Powder Kegs is required at two points in the game; one is needed to blow up the boulder blocking the way into Romani Ranch, necessary for Link to reunite with Epona, and another is needed in order to blow open the hole above the entrance hall of the Ancient Castle of Ikana, letting in sunlight for Link to use to dispel a Sun Block.

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