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Pot Lids are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Location and Uses

Breath of the Wild

Hyrule Compendium Entry

351 (356) Pot Lid
BotW Hyrule Compendium Pot Lid.png
The lid of a large soup pot. It smells vaguely of poultry broth... Yum! It can take quite a beating before breaking.
Common Locations
Hyrule Field
East Necluda
Def 1

Pot Lids are lids of large soup pots that can be used as Shields in combat. It is said that they smell of poultry,[1] likely due to being used for cooking. They are also considered to be quite durable.[1] They can often be found next to Cooking Pots at Stables or other settlements such as Hateno Village and Kakariko Village. They can also be found in some encampments and may be wielded by Bokoblins, and rarely, Moblins.

Being made of wood, Pot Lids will burn and eventually disintegrate if they touch Fire or are equipped in a Scorching Climate. They will also float if they're dropped in water, and they won't attract Lightning during storms.

This shield is often used in speedruns of BotW due to it's higher durability and how close one is to the Shrine of Ressurection.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Pot Lids can be wielded by Link in conjunction with Soup Ladles, the Lucky Ladle, or the Training Sword.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseナベのフタ (Nabe no Futa)
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR鍋蓋 (Guō gài)
FranceFrenchEUCouvercle de marmite
South KoreaKorean냄비 뚜껑 (Naembi ttukkeong)
RussiaRussianКрышка (Kryshka)
Latin AmericaSpanishLATapa de cacerola
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    The lid of a large soup pot. It smells vaguely of poultry broth... Yum! It can take quite a beating before breaking.
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