"This is a carving of the Rito, hero of all postmen and a symbol of laborers the world over."
— Inventory description

Postman Statues are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Postman Statues are obtained as part of the quest for the Shop Guru Statue; by trading a Hero's Flag with the Traveling Merchant on Greatfish Isle, Link establishes a Merchant's Oath, allowing Zunari to sell them in his shop on Windfall Island. According to him, the purpose of the statue is to bring Ritos to the island. Zunari sells Postman Statues for the price 100 Rupees each. If a Postman Statue is placed on the Windfall Island gate, Kane the sailor will give Link a Purple Rupee. Postman Statues can be placed onto Joy Pedestals throughout Windfall Island to help decorate the town.


The Postman Statue resembles totem poles, these small statues depict a Rito wearing a green and white tunic with a blue colored bird symbol on it. The Rito also has what appears to be a red belt and a green jewel near the Rito's collar. The Rito's eyes are closed while its wings are extended. Postman Statues appear to be mechanized in some way, as their wings will often flutter under their own power.


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In The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, a possible cameo of a Postman Statue can be seen. A statue found at the back of the Castle Town Shop bears a striking resemblance to the Postman Statue and could possibly be one. As the item is only on display and cannot be purchased, it remains unconfirmed whether or not this is a Postman Statue.

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