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Not to be confused with Port.

Port Town is a location in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[name reference needed] It is located east of Hometown Prairie and it is filled with shops.

Features and Overview

Port Town is divided in three screens. The first one contains the guard post, a tavern, a fountain, and a Jeweler shop. The fountain is the residence of the town's guardian Fairy.

Port Town Guard

Before Tingle can gain passage into Port Town, he must pay a fee to the Port Town Guard.[1][2] After Tingle pays the Guard, he will tell the middle-aged adventurer about the town for a small toll.[3][4][5]



The fountain is the residence of Port Town's guardian Fairy. After Tingle has completed the Hero's Shrine, Dave can be found beside it, talking of his brother.


Tingle can pay a toll to the Chef,[6][7] who will purchase food from the middle-aged adventurer and provide Ingredient tips.


Main article: Armourer

Until he is paid a small fee, the Armourer will treat Tingle rudely.[8] After Tingle pays him, the Armourer will sell him weapons, shields and armor.[9][10] Tingle can alternatively sell these materials to the Armourer instead.

Tingle can purchase an Empty Jar from the Armourer after selling fireworks to him.[11][12] While Tingle can bargain a price for it, the Armourer will keep any amount of Rupees offered to him, even if it's too low.[13]


Main article: Jeweller

For an initial small fee, the Port Town Jeweller will purchase gems from him.[14][15]

Tailor Shop

The Tailor Shop is run by Chiko's Mum. When Tingle first speaks to her, she will tell him about her daughter's affinity for Fairies for a small fee.


Main article: Map-Seller

The Map-Seller gives Tingle a map of Homestead Prairie, tasking the middle-aged adventurer with the job of marking the location of significant landmarks so she may sell her maps.


The Playground is a small area reserved for Port Town's children. The children are among the few that are not affected by the power of Uncle Rupee that is enhancing the greed of everyone (including the rest of Port Town).



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