"Throw some Rupees in and your wishes will surely come true. Do you want to throw Rupees?"
— Pond of Happiness

The Pond of Happiness is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Located in a large cave on the center island of Lake Hylia, the Pond of Happiness serves as the home to the queen of the Fairies, Venus. Upon entering the cave, Link finds himself in a long hallway reaching up to a small pond in to which he can throw Rupees. The east wall of the Pond of Happiness can be destroyed with a bomb, revealing a chamber containing four Fairies.

Initially, Link can only throw in amounts of 5 or 20 Rupees; when he deposits a total of 100 Rupees, Venus appears, granting him the choice of expanding his carrying capacity for arrows or bombs by five. Subsequent to reaching his first total of 100, the deposit amounts increase to 25 or 50 Rupees. Link can increase either amount by five for every 100 Rupees given until he reaches 40 bombs or 60 arrows, at which point the amount of the increase will double to 10. Upon attaining 50 bombs and 70 arrows, Link cannot receive any further upgrades. At this point, Venus will tell Link that she can not grant his wish, return his Rupees, and direct him towards her friend residing in the Waterfall of Wishing.

For each donation made to the Pond of Happiness, Link is also either blessed with good luck or cursed with bad luck. There are four possible outcomes when the game determines the player's luck: "Big trouble," "A little luck," "Good luck" and "Great luck." Big trouble means that the next ten enemies slain will not drop any items (not even if a drop is normally guaranteed, such as bombs from River Zoras). Great luck means that the next ten enemies slain will be guaranteed to drop items. The other two outcomes have no effect on item drop rates.

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