The Poison Moth's Lair is the third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. The dungeon is in the shape of a moth.


Poison Moth's Lair is found in northern Spool Swamp, in the western portion of Holodrum. It can only be accessed during the summer, when vines grow which allow Link to climb up to its entrance.

In order to access it, the swamp must first be drained by finding the Floodgate Key and uncovering the secret entrance beside the Floodgate Keeper's house. After using the key on the Floodgate switch, the water will drain, exposing a stump at the bottom of the reservoir and granting access to the swamp proper.

Link must then find the portal to Subrosia within the swamp in order to gain the essence of summer for the Rod of Seasons, and thereby access the Poison Moth's Lair.







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