"Now, see... That's what I was warning you about. I'm telling you, I don't think we're going to get through here too easily. So... What'll we do?"

Poison Fog is a substance from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is a thick, purplish mist that appears between the southern and northern areas of Faron Woods subsequent to Link's first excursion into the Twilight. Upon coming in contact with the fog, Link will faint and be returned to a safe high ground; however, Midna remains unaffected, suggesting that the fog may have a connection to the Twilight. It can be temporarily dispelled by the lantern, but will slowly close in unless the lantern is swung to send it back.

When Link first enters the area as a Hylian after the Poison Fog appears, a female monkey appears and takes his lantern, guiding him safely through the foggy grove. When they reach the other side, the monkey leaves the lantern on the ground, which has been depleted of all its Lantern Oil. Subsequent entry requires Link to swing the lantern himself, and he cannot rush into the mist even if he is holding the lantern, so he must walk slowly and swing it every so often to clear the way.

A similar substance appears during the fight with Twilit Parasite Diababa in the Forest Temple, though it appears to be poisoned water rather than fog.

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