This article is about the Oracle of Seasons mini-bosses. For the recurring enemy, see Poe.
"We meet again! Will you break our curse, or will we break you?!? Time will tell!"
— Poes

The Poes are the mini-bosses of the Explorer's Crypt, the seventh dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. They are a pair of Poes who are siblings. The first one encountered is female and carries a sword, and the second carries a Lantern. Link fights each of them individually early in the dungeon, and the two later team up to fight Link during the mini-boss battle. Upon being defeated, the sword Poe sibling will fearfully express that she doesn't want to lose, while the lantern Poe sibling defiantly denies defeat and vows to come back to haunt Link.


The Poe carrying the sword materializes and charges in a line, disappearing again after each attack. The Poe carrying the lantern attacks in a similar manner, but glides in arcs rather than straight lines, and leaves a trail of fire as it flies. Link fights the pair of Poes in a room containing four torches which can be blown out by either Poe. Link must re-light the torches with Ember Seeds. If all the torches go out, Link is warped back to the entrance of the dungeon. This is easily avoided if Link guards any one torch from the Poes' assault, as they will be prevented from blowing out a torch if damaged first.


Poes (Oracle of Seasons)

Poes (Oracle of Seasons)

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