"You are a boy of much vigor. Defeat the ladies within the time limit and rest their souls in peace."
Ghost Hunter

The Poe Sisters are mini-bosses from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Encountered in the Spirit House of Ikana, they are part of an optional sidequest. The Ghost Hunter is holding the Poe Sisters in the backroom, and is the one who sets up the challenge for Link. If the hero accepts, the Ghost Hunter allows him into the backroom, where he battles the four Poes. Link is given three minutes to defeat all four of them. If he can do so while maintaining at least three full Heart Containers, he will win a Piece of Heart.



Main article: Amy

Amy has an attack pattern similar to that of normal Poes, including a hover and charge attack. Link can defend with his shield and strike her when she is stunned from the collision.

Jo and Beth

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Jo and Beth are fought at the same time. They attack the same way as Amy and are thus defeated in the same way.


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Unlike her sisters, Meg splits herself into four identical images which surround Link, but only one of these can be damaged. To defeat Meg, Link must use arrows or other ranged weapons. The true Meg can be identified as she performs a small twirl as soon as all of the copies appear.

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