"Plumm has no need to speak to humans..."
— Plumm

Plumm is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is a talking myna bird much like Trill who runs the Balloon Popping Game, which she invites only animals to play. Plumm appears at two spots in Lake Hylia, ready to give Link a shot at her mini-game when he is in wolf form. She is very rude to Link, ridiculing him if he loses, and only grudgingly giving him a Piece of Heart if he wins.


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Because Trill belongs to Coro, and Purdy belongs to Hena, it is speculated by many that Plumm belongs to the third sibling, Iza.

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The name Plumm may be derived from the fruit "plum" due to the game she is advertising including the popping of fruit balloons.

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