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Playtime with Cottla
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Quest Giver Cottla
Location Kakariko Village
Reward Rock Salt

"Playtime with Cottla" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


During the day, Link can find Cottla running around Kakariko Village by herself.[2] When he speaks to her, she complains about how bored she is and asks when dinner will be.[3] If Link offers to play with her, Cottla will become excited and ask what he wants to play.[4] After Link chooses a game, the Side Quest will begin.

When Link offers to play hide-and-seek, Cottla will offer to hide.[5] However, she reminds Link that she needs to return to her sister, Koko, when it is time for dinner.[6] Once she hides, Cottla can be found behind Impa's House.[7]

On the other hand, if Link chooses tag, Cottla decides to be the runner.[8] In this scenario, she also informs Link that she needs to be with Koko for dinner.[6] When Link catches up to her, she will pout about being caught.[7]

Despite losing the game, Cottla will still be happy that Link was willing to play with her.[9][10] As a reward for winning, Cottla will offer Link a piece of Rock Salt.[11] This completes the Side Quest.


Stage Description
1 Cottla runs carefree around the village. During the day, her sister is too busy with her cooking to have time to play.

Cottla is more bored than ever now...
Complete Cottla runs carefree around the village. During the day, her sister is too busy with her cooking to have time to play.

Cottla used to be bored, but now you've given her a fine playmate.


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NetherlandsDutchSpelen met Cottla
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